Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.15 goes live with hippo carts, custom deliveries, and quests


Who wants to go screaming around Thavnair on hippo-drawn carriages? The answer to that question is “the Arkasodara,” but if you instinctively answered that by silently nodding and pointing to yourself, Final Fantasy XIV will give you the opportunity to do just that with today’s patch 6.15 introducing the Arkasodara tribal quests. Players get to see what the elephant-themed tribe is up to and help learn about and help with the hippo cart business. It’s something to behold, especially for those with a love of carriages and/or hippos.

But that’s not all the new content in this particular patch; players will also have access to new quests about Omega, the start of Tataru’s Grand Venture, and new Hildibrand quests to extend that storyline. There’s also custom deliveries for Mrs. Leveilleur, the esteemed Amelliance herself. There’s a lot to do with the patch, in other words, even if it’s hard to compete with the spectacle of hippo carriages.

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