Ship of Heroes’ ‘bright and positive’ setting masks mysteries to uncover


While most people seem fixated on the fact that Ship of Heroes is an unapologetic spiritual successor to City of Heroes, what tends to be forgotten is how bonkers of a setting this superhero MMO has.

To refresh your memory, Heroic Games posted a new dev blog that gives an overview of life on the FHS Justice. That’s right: The main action of this 25th century game takes place on a gigantic spaceship that just so happens to look like a slightly futuristic city on the inside. But it’s also visiting planets and encountering aliens, so it’s as if Metropolis was glued onto the Enterprise for a jaunt around the galaxy.

“Unlike many futuristic RPGs, Ship of Heroes has a bright, positive setting that is worth protecting,” the team said. “The story and gameplay are woven together in other ways, too. What’s the difference between hero powers and magic? How can different heroes return with rare loot after doing the same mission, or from doing one mission several times? Why is the FHS Justice so wealthy, on average? We’re not going to spoil the story with answers here, but you’ll find them while playing, if you look carefully enough.”

Ship rolled out to Steam earlier this spring; Heroic Games says it’s still on track for launch in 2023.

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