Star Wars The Old Republic previews several class balance adjustments coming in Update 7.3

Something less than inspiring.

Another major update is looming on the horizon of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and it’s bringing with it a variety of balance tweaks for several classes. The post reads like these changes aren’t quite set in stone, as BioWare seeks player feedback now and PTS input later, but players can look through what’s planned for Update 7.3.

The changes in question range from basic ability adjustments or renames to whole redesigns of tacticals and legendaries in some cases. The Random Charge legendary for Mercenaries and Commandos, which now generates three supercharges for certain abilities, is one such redesign; the Stealth Scan ability now reducing damage taken while stunned is another. As one might expect, these updates get pretty granular, so gamers might want to look through the list.

In addition to balance adjustments, Update 7.3 is bringing changes to the game’s credit economy. Those will be detailed in a dev blog next week, while a preview livestream for the update is scheduled for May 3rd, when devs will talk about story elements and other content coming with the patch.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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