New World weaves a story surrounding its recently added characters


When New World (eventually) released its Fellowship and Fire update, it added a new quest line that focused on several new characters and Grace O’Malley’s formation of a mercenary company known as the Silver Crows. Those characters are once again a focus in the game’s latest lore dump, which tells a short story around these new NPCs.

The focus of the story is Skye the Speardaughter, the warrior stricken with the Varangian curse, but it makes sure to weave in Grace, the fighter Zander and at least a brief couple of mentions of Dog the cat. In the tale, Grace and Skye nearly come to blows in an argument until Zander intervenes and the two have a brief scrap that shakes Skye out of her anger. It’s not a yarn that would necessarily be considered revelatory, but it paints a bit of extra color on the game’s recent additions.

Meanwhile, the game’s last update has added murderous lava bunnies and Prime Gaming members can pick up a Spicy Gift Box full of materials, dyes, and a spicy steak pie recipe. Yum.

source: official site (1, 2)
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