Overwatch 2 rolls out its first anime short, Genesis – Part One

tfw no hero missions

Most games wouldn’t wait some seven years after launch to put out basic story teasers for the game’s entire premise, but then, most games also wouldn’t launch a sequel and then cancel the supposed central features of said sequel along the way. In other words, most games aren’t Overwatch 2, but those games that aren’t Overwatch 2 don’t have the first animated installment of said basic backstory teaser coming out today. Which Overwatch 2 does. Sorry, that sentence got a little confusing.

Genesis – Part One: Dawn shows off the backstory of the Omnics that have formed a big part of the franchise’s lore up until now, although this part is very resolutely focused on the joy and excitement phase of super robots. (Someone really liked The Second Renaissance bits from The Animatrix.) Check out the whole episode just below; the next two parts are slated for the coming weeks so you can see how everything went wrong, if you’ve forgotten the fact that “everything went wrong” was part of the premise.

Source: YouTube
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