Allods Online teases a story and a raid with its next update

The magical man from happyland.

The next patch for Allods Online will lead players to the Winter Palace, which sounds like a lovely vacation spot. It brings to mind soft cushions, wonderful feasts, and a comfortable environment. It does not bring to mind vicious murders being perpetrated by a savage cult, but surprise! That’s what you’re going to be running into. And yes, it will be up to players to figure this whole situation out.

Of course, figuring the situation out will lead players into a raid adventure with four dangerous bosses, so you can be fairly certain that the killings weren’t just a matter of offing someone for five bucks to pay a parking ticket. Players with an equipment level of 83,000 or higher will be able to jump in on the adventure, so get ready to track down a murderer by killing a large number of other enemies. Combining murder mysteries with raids isn’t exactly a natural thematic link.

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