You are a good game, we're all really impressed.

Overwatch 2 releases a Sojourn short and explains plans for hero balance in the next season

It's finally happened! Overwatch 2 has put its story inside the game! By which we mean that the latest cinematic short for Sojourn is...

Blizzard posts Diablo IV patch 1.1.1 notes ahead of release on August 8

To say that the past few weeks have been contentious in the Diablo IV community would be an understatement, but it seems as if...

World of Warcraft promises new class-based sets on the Trading Post, previews August offerings

What do you think of when you think of Priest in World of Warcraft? Did you say "candles and octopus masks"? Why would you...
Everything's on fire.

World of Warcraft Classic gets Hardcore realms on August 24

Once again, Blizzard has released its "This Week in World of Warcraft" announcement where its biggest news item does not actually release this week....

Guild Wars 2 explains the design and mechanics behind Secrets of the Obscure’s new relic system

While the next expansion for Guild Wars 2 is titled Secrets of the Obscure, the ArenaNet developers clearly do not want the mechanics coming...

Lord of the Rings Online previews the new Forester event in Combe

It's not all about rings of power in Lord of the Rings Online. You have to be the lord of all the rings, including...
I have a thought.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.45 is arriving on July 18

If your therapist is insisting to you that Low-Poly Hildibrand isn't real and he can't hurt you, all you really need to do is...

World of Warcraft updates its 2023 roadmap with plans for the next two patches for the game

No, the next minor incoming patch for World of Warcraft is not purely about Fury Warriors. We understand any confusion there, though; the patch...

Terraria’s dev team has spent the last eight years trying to stop making Terraria

We all know about bands that do a big "farewell tour" that's supposed to be the last one ever, and then a few years...

World of Warcraft director says Blizzard won’t sell Trader’s Tender – by itself

So not so long ago, dataminers working in the World of Warcraft data mines found Trader's Tender shop assets, leading to the presumption that...

World of Warcraft previews a Nozdormu cinematic ahead of the next minor patch

Ever since Cataclysm rolled around and confirmed a fan theory about the Infinite Dragonflight, World of Warcraft has been milking the idea that eventually...
Please have a short memory!

World of Warcraft previews the upcoming Augmentation spec for Evokers

According to the new preview, World of Warcraft's new Augmentation Evoker is a spec that's never been seen before because it's a damage dealer...
Love lift us up where we belong~

World of Warcraft previews its time rift antics for patch 10.1.5

Good news, World of Warcraft time warriors extraordinaire: With the upcoming patch 10.1.5, you will not be going back in time. You will, instead,...
Oh good, finally, some unexplored lore.

World of Warcraft patch 10.1.5, Fractures in Time, releases on July 11

It's an interesting experience for World of Warcraft fans to keep seeing "This Week in WoW" updates that are more about things happening in...

Mortal Online 2 promises a public beta of territory control mechanics soon as it adds more Elementalism spells

A lot of the talk coming out of Mortal Online 2 for the past couple of months has been focused almost entirely on its...

Chrono Odyssey continues to drip-feed details of its classes, creatures, and mechanics

Npixel's upcoming MMORPG Chrono Odyssey continues its "hurry up and wait" stance in terms of information details, with its biggest info drop coming via...
Please, miss, may I have a single Milky Way?

Blue Protocol, celebrating Japanese launch, still plans a western beta later this year

The Amazon team responsible for Blue Protocol's upcoming Western release continues to be a day late, as last night the team released a message...

World of Warcraft explores the design of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible in a new video

If you're currently doing any sort of raiding in World of Warcraft, from pushing progression to slowly waiting out the drip-feed of the raid...
My old wounds are acting up and stuff.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will launch Old Wounds on June 13

It's just about time to head back to Voss in Star Wars: The Old Republic. No, not because you're leveling another alt through the...
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Throne & Liberty will be at Summer Games Fest on June 8

Are you excited about Throne & Liberty? You know, the free-to-play multi-platform MMORPG? Not ringing any bells? It's the one that used to be...