Final Fantasy XIV offers a New Year message ahead of its Fan Festival this weekend

Let's be real, it's not as if Final Fantasy XIV fans are going to be waiting ages after the New Year to hear from...
Looks nice enough.

Final Fantasy XIV posts full Tokyo Fan Festival schedule as the latest lorebook begins shipping

There's not that much more time until Final Fantasy XIV hosts the last of its fan festivals ahead of Dawntrail, and you know it's...
The road to big dudes.

Lost Ark’s early 2024 roadmap includes the Breaker class (male Scrapper) in March

Don't you hate when you're forced to read an entire roadmap for a video game like some kind of animal? Can't someone else do...
whatever and fine

Throne & Liberty shows off its Korean interface and shares more music

If you're jazzed for Throne & Liberty, we have good news for you today... assuming you don't mind kind of reading between the lines....

NCsoft’s Blade & Soul unveils ‘Neo Classic’ servers with enhanced visuals and gameplay

Blade & Soul is getting into the "new throwback" mood, like bringing back Crystal Pepsi only with a hopefully better reception. NCsoft has pulled...
Suitable for Bodylande.

Valheim shows off armor and weapons approaching with the Ashlands

When your viking is out in the lands of Valheim striding across the Ashlands, what is your first priority? No, it is not dying...

NosTale brings a new zone, new story, and stronger fairies in upcoming Secrets of the Undercity update

Gameforge has decided that the anime MMO NosTale should get some time in the update spotlight, as a treat. The publisher has announced Act...
Cool story, bro.

New World previews Eternal Frost’s Glacial Tarn expedition, celebrates big win for its musical score

Whether you're ready to say that it's ice to meet this boss or just want to drop a clever bon mot about how clearly...

World of Warcraft previews its next patch update, Seeds of Renewal

It's been like half an hour since the last World of Warcraft update and we still haven't heard about the plans for the next...
is that a monkey?

Guild Wars 2 shows off the support options of Mesmers with rifles

You probably do not think of rifles as a supportive option most of the time, and if someone claims that she will heal you...
Running in the shadows.

Guild Wars 2 previews the Revenant’s upcoming tether-focused Scepter weaponry

If you don't love Revenants in Guild Wars 2 now, you will never love them again; you can hear the Scepter saying you should...
I'm killing you with a weapon!

Guild Wars 2 previews the Thief’s upcoming axe proficiency gameplay

The upcoming weapon proliferation of Guild Wars 2 is giving Thieves an all-axes pass, if you know what we mean. You can axe any...

BlizzCon 2023: World of Warcraft’s War Within systems deep dive

If you were entranced by all of the promises unveiled as part of World of Warcraft: The War Within's reveal at BlizzCon on Friday,...
Complete with strong eye contact

The Daily Grind: What do you want from an expansion reveal event for an MMORPG?

Here's the honest truth: As I become older and more tired, I am increasingly worn out by big gigantic events announcing a new expansion...
It probably doesn't look meaningfully different.

Old School RuneScape previews the dungeon beneath Varlamore in Perilous Moons

You know, if dwarves would just read one work of fiction they'd know that "dwarves dug too greedily and too deep" was kind of a...
Sure, why not, right?

Mortal Online 2 looks for feedback and trailer footage from its Unreal Engine 5 test

The Mortal Online 2 test server for its Unreal Engine 5 upgrade has ended, and now the game wants you. Yes, you, specifically, assuming...
I miss when official sites just saved things as JPGs, like this new AVIF format isn't just annoying.

The Elder Scrolls Online previews update 40’s group finder and combo crafting stations

When Update 40 arrives in The Elder Scrolls Online later this month, players are going to have an easier time grouping up with the...
Leafy bits.

World of Warcraft previews the mechanics and rewards of upcoming Emerald Dream events

If you're excited to head to the Emerald Dream in World of Warcraft but aren't excited to have a whole lot of growing stuff...
Whatever, dude.

Throne & Liberty promises to show off more of its launch content on November 2

It feels safe enough to say that Throne & Liberty has not precisely lit the world on fire yet, especially with some less-than-enthusiastic reception...

Star Wars: The Old Republic will host a livestream on October 18 for update 7.4

If you were dreading the possibility that Star Wars: The Old Republic was just going to coast along under Broadsword's management, well, there's a...