Tarisland discusses its business model and in-game economy in a new video

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Tarisland has airdropped in a new video about its economy this week, but the downside is that the video is a bit vague when it discusses economic activity. It talks a great deal about how its sold items will not be meant to grant any sort of in-game advantage, for example, but it remains vague as it implies that there will be ways to buy in-game currency to exchange that in-game currency for crafted items from professions. And it will also definitely have a battle pass and optional subscription service, so file that away somewhere.

Of course, beyond those obvious flags there are interesting points to consider like how the prices at the trading post will be set at a baseline that can be altered, which implies that the core price action will be automatic based on demand rather than set arbitrarily by players. It also mentions that in addition to cosmetics and pets, players will be able to buy extra bag space, which it describes as not affecting gameplay because it just makes farming easier. Check out the full video just below.

Source: YouTube
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