World of Warcraft’s next patch, Seeds of Renewal, arrives on January 16


It’s a new year, but just like last year, World of Warcraft does not care one whit what the words “this week” mean. Proof? Well, it’s right in the latest installment of This Week In WoW, where the main event is the release of the Seeds of Renewal patch on January 16th. That is not this week, nor is it next week. It is, in fact, in two weeks. Hopefully you’ll be excited enough about the patch to not care about that gap in linear time, but alas, so long as this writer finds it amusing, it’s going to keep coming up.

The patch itself introduces an epilogue campaign for the Dragon Isles, a new set of outdoor events for Azerothian Isles, new AI companions for normal-mode Dragonflight dungeons, the retaking of Gilneas, and new customization options. Meanwhile, this week’s biggest event aside from an upcoming article about the new Bel’ameth locale in the patch is people discovering that completing a full year of Trading Post activities rewards players with a shiny extra 500 Trader’s Tender, in addition to the achievement reward. But for the patch, you’ll just have to wait a couple weeks.

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