World of Tanks forecasts new gameplay, new and returning events, and refined systems for 2024


Most games put out roadmaps or developer blog posts to look forward to the coming year’s worth of content, but not World of Tanks – they have a video editing team and a copyrighted music budget, and by God they’re going to use it. So it goes with Wargaming’s latest video preview of what 2024 is bringing.

Unveiled updates include a new recon mission that promises to “test the limits with unique mechanics,” a Frontline mode that appears to introduce new battlefield modifiers, more features and rewards for the next season of Onslaught, upgrades for crew management, more clan missions and rewards, and returning events like the asymmetrical seven vs. one battle against von Krieger.

Speaking of events, new ones are on deck – like a tank-based obstacle course and a new Halloween event – while three new branches with new tanks and the promise of a “comprehensive rebalance’ for existing vehicles are also planned. The only thing missing from the footage below is dates, but it’s looking like a jam-packed 2024 for digital tankers. In the meantime, players are invited to enjoy some year-end goodies between now and January 3rd like a new seasonal mission, discounts on in-game gold items, and better XP conversion rates for crews.

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