Actress Michelle Rodriguez demos Skull and Bones’ intro and events in latest video

Thank goodness we finally launched.

Earlier Skull and Bones offered up a look at what general gameplay and endgame looks like in its last video preview, but now we’re getting a look at what the starting experience is like, with the help of actor Michelle Rodriguez and one of Ubisoft’s devs.

The opening portion of the game starts off with players commanding a powerful ship but also facing overwhelming odds, as multiple other ships are joined in an immense naval battle that’s ultimately meant to be lost and “humble” players. After that, the remaining crew wash ashore on an island, which kicks off the point of character creation, followed by sailing a basic dingy to the port of Sainte Anne. Along the way, the dev explains how to get levels (aka infamy) through the various activities like sinking ships, completing contracts, or hunting sharks.

The preview gameplay then advances “a few dozen hours” to Kingpin level, where Rodriguez updates her character’s look then sets sail to take part in a world event nearby. It’s an obviously carefully guided look at what the game has to offer, but the preview could be informative regardless.

source: YouTube
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