Jeff Strain’s indie studio Crop Circle Games lays staff, reportedly without severance


Back in 2022 we saw former ArenaNet and Undead Labs co-founder Jeff Strain open his own indie studio called Crop Circle Games with the help of a $25M investment round. The studio’s projects were never elaborated on, but the announcement called the firm “a game development firm with a focus on new IPs.” Unfortunately there’s now some bad news coming from the indie, as an indeterminate round of layoffs have impacted the studio.

The reduction in workforce has so far impacted some of Crop Circle’s lead developers, namely a lead writer, a principal content designer, and a principal engineer, all of whom shared their need for new jobs on LinkedIn.

The company that owns Crop Circle, Strain’s own Prytania Media, has yet to comment on the layoffs, so for now we’re left to speculate on how widespread they are. We do also find that the studio’s official site has closed off any further job openings, so it looks as if belts are being tightened.

sources:, Crop Circle Games site, thanks to zenjitzu for the tip!
Yes, we know this probably isn’t MMO-related and probably just once-removed from the MMO world, but just to flesh out the story further: Apparently, Crop Circle principal content designer Jennifer Klasing has ripped into the the company on Linkedin, accusing Jeff Strain of being a grifter who (along with the rest of executive leadership) “failed [the team] morally, ethically, and financially.” According to Klasing, Strain fired workers via email, isn’t meeting workers, and hasn’t provided severance, which is a bit eyepopping as this studio had pulled in $25M in investment.

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