Skull and Bones previews its endgame takeovers, heists, bosses, and ship combat


If there’s a genre of dev blog I like least, it’s the one where studio staffers pretend to offer an unbiased blog post or hands-on preview of the game without any sort of disclosure. Ubisoft has done just that this week, with an Ubisoft worker penning both a hands-on preview (from the perspective of the royal “we” at an unspecified “co-op gameplay session”) and a video for Skull & Bones.

Marketing schtick aside, it actually includes some useful information about the endgame, covering how players will profit from controlling settlements and manufacturers through takeovers and heists. The former is essentially a PvPvE scenario for attacking and seizing control of productive outposts; the latter is a co-op/PvP event in which players try to hijack merchant convoys. Lategame players will also be fighting massive sea monsters and some nasty human foes too – foes who will shift as the seasons speed onward.

The video covers the same content with the same framing device, but the added footage of ship battles and maps and ship upgrading is certainly much more compelling. Also footage of ship-ramming. Can’t beat that. OK, marketing shtick forgiven.

Source: Ubisoft
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