Dune: Awakening’s Direct shows off graphical touches, film references, and the basic survival loop of the game

there's sand

You may not have noticed this, but the new Dune movie is out! The second one, even, which means it’s two more movies than most Dune adaptations get. What does all this mean for Dune: Awakening? Well, the half-hour long livestream from developer Funcom is not film-length and does not tell you a narrative, but it does confirm the visual overlap with the Villeneuve films and how the idea is to equally serve movie fans, book fans, and people who just really like survival experiences.

Creative head Joel Bylos emphasizes that while the core of the game’s building engine is brought over from Conan Exiles, many changes have been made for the setting aside from just aesthetics; for example, the game will allow for communal building with holographic plans, allowing everyone to contribute in a unified way. Players will also need to weight resource gathering differently, starting with water, which can mean everything from harvesting dew to killing enemies and drinking their blood. (Note: This will actually cause iron overload in your system and is a terrible idea because it’d be like curing dehydration with seawater. Do not actually do this.) Check out the whole video by moseying on below without rhythm. You know, so you don’t attract the worm.

Source: YouTube
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