Final Fantasy XIV updates players on expectations of server congestion at Dawntrail’s launch

these docks be FULL yo

During the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail media tour, producer and director Naoki Yoshida said to Eurogamer that the team has prepared for expansion launch server issues well in advance. The servers have more capacity and the ability to spin up cloud servers is on deck. However, it’s still possible to run into some slower login times… and the development team has put together an entire post explaining some of the issues players might hit and how to help mitigate them.

For one thing, players can easily swap to a less-populated world from the login screen, such as the new Dynamis worlds which are relatively unpopulated at this time. Players can also use the data center travel function to hop to the Oceanic data center, further mitigating issues. Combine that with increases in server capacity and login capacity and the game’s AFK timer coming back on, and hopefully Dawntrail’s server issues will be minor at most. Dare to dream.

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