Overwatch 2 brings story missions, hero mastery missions, and a new support hero August 10


While Overwatch 2 has certainly made plenty of gesticulations towards competitive Season 5, a lot of what Blizzard initially claimed as the reason for a sequel – and what had fans interested – was the addition of PvE content, which was effectively gutted by the devs about a year and a half ago. What remains looks to be arriving to the game on August 10th, which is when the Invasion update arrives.

The new content was unveiled in a new trailer and marked by the video’s description as the shooter’s largest content drop yet. Features for the Invasion update include new story missions, a series of character-specific training courses known as hero mastery missions, a co-op event, and a firing range. The trailer also offers glimpses at a new flashpoint game mode and a sneak peek at its next support hero.

Currently, there are no specific details on the Invasion update’s feature set, though that will likely change in the weeks leading up to August. Until then, the announcement trailer awaits below.

source: YouTube
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