Evercore Heroes highlights the roly-poly Beko, discusses its magic and death systems


The upcoming retooled co-op roguelike Evercore Heroes will require players to take up one of three roles: tank, DPS, or healer. So who will you choose when you want to be the healer? Perhaps consider the fluffy, rolly, heal-over-time choice that is Beko.

The trailer showcasing this character briefly showcases his skillset while also highlighting the game’s overall progression features that help characters get stronger for each successive run of the game. But perhaps most importantly, the video highlights how Beko rolls to sprint; Chua fans rejoice.

In other Evercore news, Vela Games has talked about some of the more important mechanics in the title, namely magic casting and death. Regarding the former topic, players will have to carefully manage their luum energy (aka mana) when using abilities since it doesn’t regenerate automatically; refilling luum requires finding luum shards hiding in destructibles or as occasional monster drops.

As for death, players who fall in battle will stay dead through a run, but if the rest of the team survives, fallen players are granted a phoenix shard item that revives them, then leaves a small sliver that can be sold to get a little bit of character power. Vela reasons that this solution toes the line between everyone getting full rewards despite dying and dead characters getting nothing whatsoever.

sources: YouTube, Steam (1, 2)
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