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Evercore Heroes highlights the roly-poly Beko, discusses its magic and death systems

The upcoming retooled co-op roguelike Evercore Heroes will require players to take up one of three roles: tank, DPS, or healer. So who will...

Evercore Heroes, back from the dead, talks new game flow and the rationale for rebirth

Now that we know Evercore Heroes is returning from its competitive team vs. team PvE origin to a co-operative roguelike, there might be some...

After months of retooling, Evercore Heroes comes back as a three-player co-op roguelite

Back in October 2022, we were all first introduced to Evercore Heroes, an isometric "competitive PvE" title that tasked opposing teams with completing PvE...

Evercore Heroes talks upcoming remaster, says its ‘fighting for Vela’s survival with this next bet’

It's been an exceedingly rough year for Evercore Heroes, the fusion of MMO, MOBA, and bad luck. The project went into closed beta this...

Evercore Heroes dev continues internal work on Project R revamp, now in the ‘awkward transition phase’

The shrinking of the PvE-focused MOBA/MMO Evercore Heroes continues. Readers will recall that the original game's paid closed beta didn't draw enough buyers to...

Evercore Heroes shutters North American server after cutting team and entering maintenance mode

The shakeups surrounding fusion MMO/MOBA Evercore Heroes continues -- and not for the better. This title went into a paid closed beta this past...

Evercore Heroes ends updates August 24, ‘significantly’ shrinks its dev team, and focuses on redesign

This past June saw Evercore Heroes, a self-described competitive PvE fusion of MMO and MOBA, enter into closed beta, and though it made an...

Evercore Heroes struggles to get enough matches going in its paid closed beta

So here's a situation that everyone could see coming. You have a competitive MOBA-like title that you want to put through closed beta testing,...

Fight or Kite: MOBA Evercore Heroes makes a strong argument for competitive PvE

Believe it or not, even though I write about PvP MMOs regularly here in Fight or Kite, I don’t actually follow a bunch of...

Competitive team PvE game Evercore Heroes hits paid closed beta today [Updated]

We don't often receive press releases for a game that declares itself "completely unique competitive PvE experience that’s not a MOBA or an MMO"...
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Betawatch: Evercore Heroes delays its beta testing

Evercore Heroes is like a competitive PvE MOBA. No, really. Player-controlled teams take on enemies in a race to see which team can clear...
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Betawatch: Embers Adrift is launching at last

Congratulations, Embers Adrift: Today we bid farewell to your place on our list! All right, yes, technically the game's actual launch is tomorrow and...

Evercore Heroes promises ‘competitive PvE’ that merges MOBA combat and MMO dungeon delving

What do you get when you mesh together MOBA-style combat, team-based competition, and PvE dungeon dives? You might get something like Evercore Heroes, the...