Evercore Heroes talks upcoming remaster, says its ‘fighting for Vela’s survival with this next bet’


It’s been an exceedingly rough year for Evercore Heroes, the fusion of MMO, MOBA, and bad luck. The project went into closed beta this past June and promptly spiraled downward from there, resulting in studio layoffs, underperforming financials, a closed North American server, and a freeze in development.

However, instead of packing it in and calling it a day, developer Vela Games attempted to rally with a reduced team to remaster the game under the moniker “Project-R” for a second attempt at gaining traction with the community. It’s this remaster that’s the focus of a new dev blog outlining the major pillars of the project.

The studio says now that it’s switching up the game to feature smaller team matches, better role functionality, evolving enemies, improved visuals, and a revamp of all of the game’s maps to be more understandable.

“As we move further away from the closed beta of [Evercore Heroes], we’re able to see more and more of the road ahead for Project-R. The current focus of our small team is on building a playable demo version of Project-R, as we’re fighting for Vela’s survival with this next bet,” the devs said.

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