Next month’s Dark Age of Camelot catch-up event will be more brutal than most


The next of Dark Age of Camelot’s famous level-boosting events is coming our way in a little over a week — but this catch-up period will have a catch of its own.

Catch-Up in Caledonia is scheduled to run from December 4th through the 11th, but this time players will actually have to struggle for their levels. Broadsword announced that it’s activating PvP for the Caledonia battleground, meaning that players can take each other out even as they jet forward in their progression. It won’t be a complete free-for-all, however, as players can join cross-realm groups for protection.

“The PvP ruleset is specifically limited to the battleground of Caledonia and will remain active for the duration of the event,” the studio explained. “The standard Catch-Up in Caledonia dynamic of daily level caps and accelerated progression remains largely intact.”

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