Soulframe targets ‘pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha’ testing for mid-December, lets you pet the dog

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While Digital Extremes’ latest livestream was mostly focused on its one (and primarily only) game, there was a small spotlight granted to its upcoming MMO Soulframe, which offered a few interesting details for the still-developing title.

The segment starts with some narrowed-down timing of the “pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha” test that was first discussed around a glamping fire in November, moving it from sometime in December to sometime in mid-December. Invites to the test will be sent out to PC players in waves, starting with a few hundred players and scaling up from there.

The length of the test wasn’t elaborated on, but players can expect co-op gameplay to be available right from the start. There will also be a limited number of NPCs, as the test wants to primarily focus on getting the game’s combat model tied down. All of this means that those who want to add their names to the draw should expect a very minimal and wrinkled experience and are asked to provide their honest feedback.

As recompense for trying out an extremely early version of Soulframe, the devs did show off the fact that players will be able to pet a big fluffy wolf. That most important of gameplay footage can be watched in the embed below.

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