The Sims 5 developers are looking to Animal Crossing and Among Us for multiplayer inspiration

Days late and many dollars short.

If the promise of multiplayer in The Sims 5 (technically still Project Rene but let’s not front) brings you memories of The Sims Online, you may want to recalibrate your expectations. The creative vice president of the brand, Lyndsay Pearson, gave a clearer picture of what the developers plan to do with the multiplayer while on the One More Life podcast. Specifically, she cited games like Animal Crossing as an inspiration, which has multiplayer as a strictly opt-in feature to invite your friends over.

Aside from just having friends over to view the town your Sims have enhanced or (more likely) turned into a wide-awake nightmare, she also cited Among Us as another potential inspiration for group activities with specific Sims. There’s no kind of release date available for the game yet, but if you were hoping to have a hub city with several Sims looking for more people to party for Harble Jebeeds Gefka (we don’t know what that means, we don’t speak Simlish) you may be slightly disappointed.

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