Warframe previews new weapon, new character, and new areas coming in December’s Whispers in the Walls

The month of December is dropping a whole lot of new things on Warframe players. That’s because the sci-fantasy looter shooter is getting another new Frame, some more areas, and some interesting new weapon advancements with the Whispers in the Walls update sometime in December.

“Venture into the heart of Warframe’s proverbial big bang that kicked off every event in the game, the lab of Albrecht Entrati. A figure cloaked in mystique and allure for the past decade, players will finally get answers to mysteries and secrets they’ve been searching for.”

The update was center stage of the latest devstream from Digital Extremes, which started off by looking at the update’s new procedurally generated tileset designed around Albrecth’s lab, along with information about prerequisites to start the update’s story and a little bit of lore peppered in.

The update doesn’t just bring new RNG map tiles; it also offers up two new mission types, a new player hub known as the Sanctum, and a new enemy known as the Murmur described as “amalgamations of inconceivable limbs and brutalist geometry.” Whispers in the Walls also adds a new secondary weapon known as the Grimoire that lets players fire off eldritch blasts and a new main story reward called the Tennokai Segment, which lets players occasionally unleash a heavy melee attack without any combo counter cost.

The stream showed off Qorvex, the 55th Frame arriving to the shooter, which brings the ability to control crowds through “collapsing wall traps and fusion reactor pillars,” along with the Prime version of Gauss for players to get. Last but not least, cross-platform save functionality will begin rolling out in phases to select players starting in December. More details are likely to come when Warframe makes its arrival to next week’s Game Awards, but for now there’s a teaser trailer below.

sources: press release, official site
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