Fallen Earth may be returning soon in ‘classic’ form


The other night in LOTRO kinship chat, we were discussing our favorite MMOs. When I mentioned Fallen Earth as one of mine, a friend piped up, “I loved that game too! I thought I was the only one! It was so good.”

So there are those of us who hold a weird apocalyptic torch for Fallen Earth, which was taken offline two years ago by Little Orbit. Since then, fans have waited to hear about any progress on the long-rumored restoration project. The bad news here is that Little Orbit still hasn’t been able to bump this up to top priority. The good news? Fallen Earth may be returning soon anyway.

“Development progress is backed up behind some other projects,” said Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott. “But I have been considering putting a wiped set of classic servers back online for players to mess around on while they wait. Fallen Earth Classic┬áhas a nice ring to it.”

Yes. Yes it does.

Earlier this month, Scott marked the anniversary of the shutdown, saying, “Despite all its flaws, I miss Fallen Earth. Taken offline two years today.”

Learn more about this wonderfully strange post-apocalyptic MMORPG and its history in our Game Archaeologist column.

Source: Twitter
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