Evercore Heroes struggles to get enough matches going in its paid closed beta


So here’s a situation that everyone could see coming. You have a competitive MOBA-like title that you want to put through closed beta testing, yet you want to get some money out of the deal, so you charge players $20 on up to access it. Then, for whatever reason, you end up with too few players to field matches at times.

Huh, wonder why.

This is what’s happening with Evercore Heroes, which went into closed beta late last month. After three weeks, the studio delivered a report that acknowledges it is struggling to get matches going at certain times of the day.

“As it’s a closed beta, we expected that we’d see lower player numbers during certain hours,” Vela Games said. “We made the decision not to go full-out on marketing the game yet as we really wanted to improve the game WITH a community of enthusiasts first. However, we’re aware that these off-peak moments can make it difficult to find games at certain hours of the day.”

The studio said that it’s handing out three closed beta keys to every founder’s pack owner in the hopes of bolstering the ranks. Upcoming patches for the beta include a new hero, hero talents, a practice area, a new Luum Rush event, and more objective types.

Curious what the game is like? Massively OP’s Sam took a look at it, saying, “The lack of direction and introduction to the gameplay objectives makes starting out kind of annoying until you learn where to go and what to do once you get there. If you’re a fan of LoL-style MOBAs but want a different sort of challenge, then I think you might enjoy Evercore Heroes.”

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