Co-op raiding roguelike Rabbit & Steel adds a toybox mode that sets the table for mod support

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Who wants to crack open a toybox in the fascinating and flashy raid boss roguelike Rabbit & Steel? That’s just what’s being offered as a main attraction in the game’s most recent patch, which will let players try out all of the playable characters and item sets, provided they’ve unlocked them first.

Toybox mode will be available in solo play, co-op, or online in a separate lobby listing, and offers players the ability to take up any combination of items and characters, equip them, and then either beat down the waiting room training dummy or fight against a gigantic rainbow-colored treasuresphere. “What does the sphere do, you ask…? Uh, nothing!” explains solo developer Mino. “It just sits there and has a lot of health. But, trying to see what combination of items destroys it fastest might be fun.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of this mode’s introduction is what it means for future mod support for R&S, as it could eventually lead to the ability for players to try out mod-crafted bosses or items without having to go into a regular run. That doesn’t mean that mod support has any timeline for release, but it does mean that mod support is on the table for sometime in the game’s future.

The patch otherwise makes some changes to overall character movement speed, shifts the priority of shield abilities, applies a lengthy list of bug fixes, and makes some minor changes to the game’s various classes. All of it is explained in the patch notes.

source: Steam
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