Monsters & Memories opens registration for *two* June tests – a stress test and playtest weekend


Last week, Monsters & Memories studio Niche Worlds Cult told players it’s been plotting another playtest for June – and now we’ve got the details. In fact, there are two playtests – one a stress test and one a full weekend run.

The stress test will kick off on June 1st from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. “Players will be using Fresh Characters in order to test new Combat Balance and Experience Rates. Your old characters still exist and may be used again in later tests,” the devs told fans in Discord. “Early in the test, we may be limiting characters to only the Night Harbor zone, but we will bring other zones online as soon as Stress Test data is collected.”

The weekend test is more leisurely and will run from 1 p.m. EDT on June 28th to midnight on the night of June 30th; expect four servers open, one with FFA PvP enabled (wheee) and one where stress test toons can be accessed anew.

It looks as if both of these tests are open to all; players need only create an account, grab the patcher, and RSVP in Discord. Amusingly, when you go to register, you’ll agree to the understanding that this is just a stress test, “not a pre-alpha, alpha, beta, or any other form of test indicative of the game being in a ready-for-release state.” In case you wondered.

Source: Discord
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