Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones teases season 2 content and resets for season 1

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As Ubisoft’s beleaguered pirate MMO Skull & Bones approaches the end of its first season of play, the company has dispatched a dev stream and producer letter to both recap development so far and look forward into season 2.

Ubisoft says that to date, it’s focused on balancing the economy, opening PvP, and nerfing La Peste’s minions, as well as how players “engage with [its] endgame content.” Season 2 will apparently build on those adjustments by addressing ship upgrades, fleet management, helm leasing, and manufactory costs; the team is also prepping new PvP and solo game modes, all in addition to “new content (new boss fight, new sea monster, new ship, weapons, armors and furniture)[.]”

Do note that the season turnover will come with a slew of rewards for success in season one – and resets for some of the game’s leaderboards and currencies.

“[W]ith the end of each season, and the arrival of a new antagonist, comes significant disruption to The Helm and their smuggling operations. As a result, all players will see their ranks on the leaderboards, their manufactories, and upgrades be reset. Not all is lost however, as your efforts have been recognised by The Helm’s representative, who will trust you with new tools to re-build your empire and prove your worth as a Pirate Kingpin once again. Last but not least, we will not be fully resetting the number of Pieces of Eight collected throughout Season 1 but applying a soft reset instead to all players who accumulated more than 300,000 Pieces of Eight. Effectively, most of you will get to keep all your Pieces of Eight in your wallet, while a few will see their balance reduced to that number.”

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