Monsters & Memories schedules a short stress test for this Saturday


Do you have weekend plans in your dull, mundane, chore-filled life? How about you ditch all of those and go adventuring in fantastic new realms to become one of the first to see these emerging vistas? OK, maybe we’re overselling the choice here, but the point is that Monsters & Memories is hosting a short two- or three-hour stress test on Saturday, and you’re invited.

“It’s been a busy month for us here, and these next two months to close out the year will be even busier! We’re looking forward to having you come play our game,” Niche Worlds Cult said.

The studio also announced that it hired another game designer named Hydd to join the development team. Back in October, Niche Worlds hosted an extensive showcase on Reddit to lay out the scope and vision of Monsters & Memories for MMO players who had never heard of it before.

Source: Monsters and Memories. Thanks Nick!
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