Indie MMORPG Monsters & Memories says its proof of concept is 70% complete


The crew at Niche Worlds Cult took to Reddit this week to make a case for Monsters & Memories, the charming throwback MMORPG that we’ve been watching for some time now.

Niche Worlds said that it’s gearing up for another public playtest in December along with the game’s overall progress: “Our near-term goal is to finish our Proof of Concept, which is roughly 70% complete. This is a true vertical slice of all of our core gameplay, systems, and content types. Once complete, we will focus on scaling the content using validated data rather than guesswork and promises.”

The post is a good overview of Monsters & Memories, including its 18 classes, 12 races, subscription model, and a focus on providing a “place to escape to and explore, rather than just a game to beat.” The studio said that it “wasn’t afraid to start small” and prove itself to the MMO community over time.

Word-of-mouth in the Reddit thread was strong, with one tester saying, “Their open tests, even in a very unfinished pre-alpha state, were an absolutely magical experience that I hadn’t felt in 20-plus years since early EQ days.” Another responded, “I’ve been following M&M for a couple years now and it’s easily my most looked forward to MMORPG by a long shot. Had a hoot during the last public playtest and can’t wait to play some more!”

An updated and revised website for the MMO arrived this past October 21st. The studio also pointed fans to the growing soundtrack that “taps into a different vibe, feeling both oddly familiar and completely new:”

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