More than 4000 gamers killed 566K baddies in Monsters & Memories’ June playtests


If you happened to have missed out on last month’s stress tests for throwback MMORPG Monsters & Memories, you might be left wondering how things went. If that’s the case, then the latest progress report from Niche Worlds Cult is for you, as it recounts how it all went down along with its usual development updates.

The dev blog goes over some of the problems that arose during stress tests that kicked off before the larger June playtest weekend, which appear to have been caused by build updates that were made last December, and while the tech team made adjustments along the way, most of the bigger problems were not addressed prior to the weekend test.

“The logic was that we’d rather dance with the devil we know, than potentially introduce a show stopping bug that might significantly impact the playtest,” the studio reasons.

Despite the imperfect nature of the June test build, there was still plenty of activity occurring over the weekend, which was chronicled with a statistics-filled video showcase that confirmed over 4,000 testers slaying over 566K monsters and dying over 21K times across a grand total of over 33K hours played.

The dev blog otherwise does its typical rundown of development progress made across May and June, with looks at locations, characters, icons, armor, and monsters.

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