Tarisland has opened its team-based PvPvE Trial Ground of Destiny instance to players


While Tencent may have over ten thousand suggestions to act on in Tarisland, it’s still continuing to kick out the new content jams as this past weekend officially opened the Trial Grounds of Destiny instance that was added last week.

This competitive challenge of “survival and plunder” brings 50 players together into five teams for a PvPvE romp through a dangerous jungle, with the objective of finding evil energy and bringing it back to purification altars. Players will naturally have to watch out for both enemy monsters and opposing teams, all while taking advantage of teleportation devices that can provide some strategic advantages. As for rewards, those aren’t elaborated on beyond a hero award that’s granted for clearing a weekly challenge, but we assume there’s more goodies to get.

The Trial Ground of Destiny will be open for a limited time, though when it will close isn’t elaborated on either. All we can say for sure is that Tarisland would like to welcome you to the jungle.

source: Twitter
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