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Black Desert lead devs share well-wishes and coupon codes with players to mark the new year

The beginning of 2024 is being looked ahead by lead devs of Pearl Abyss, as Black Desert on PC and console and Black Desert...

Indie MMORPG Eterspire celebrates its full release on iOS after three years of development

Do you remember Eterspire? We first heard about this charming indie MMORPG back in February 2022, then peered back in a year later, but...

MapleStory M introduces its newest playable character and celebrates its fifth anniversary

The mobile MMO MapleStory M is combining a celebration and a new playable character release with its latest update, which rolls up the introduction...

Mobile MMO Dragon Nest 2 makes its global launch with a music video and a sea serpent in tow

Back in 2019 we first reported on Dragon Nest 2, a mobile MMO that takes the Dragon Nest IP and applies its more MMORPG...

Cabal Return of Action is an auto-playing mobile version of MMORPG Cabal Online

For over 15 years now, Cabal Online has stayed alive, but now it's headed to mobile devices in the form of Cabal: Return of...

NetEase’s multiplayer sci-fi space sim Infinite Lagrange gets a ‘generation legacy version’ in August

Despite the game only being out for around seven months on PC and over a year on mobile, it looks as if Netease-developed multiplayer...