Black Desert lead devs share well-wishes and coupon codes with players to mark the new year


The beginning of 2024 is being looked ahead by lead devs of Pearl Abyss, as Black Desert on PC and console and Black Desert Mobile are showering their fans with appreciation and free coupon codes to kick off the new year.

A video address from executive producer Jaehee Kim aimed at PC and console players looks back at 2023’s major announcements including the Land of the Morning Light and the Woosa and Maegu classes, which Kim says helped bolster support for the game and encourage the team forward. As for the coupon codes, both console and PC players (2024-NEWA-DVEN-TURE for both) get similar bundles, though the PC version’s freebie pack adds in five azure dragon wish lanterns. These goodies can be claimed between now and January 31st.

Meanwhile, BDO Mobile’s video message from executive head Chang-wook Kim and game design exec Hyeong-gyu An both express similar appreciation for the support felt during the game’s own live events and 2023’s “year of the twins,” while the freebie code for mobile (2024-2024-2024-2024) grants black pearls, sun crystals, fortune scrolls, and a power boost chest. This week also saw a content patch that revamps the Great Desert, refines black spirit mode, and makes a few overall improvements.

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