Diablo Immortal launches a PvP event, temporarily changes gem drop rates, and makes its PC release

Don't you guys have PCs for a phone game?


Today marks another update for Diablo Immortal that brings a host of events and updates for the mobile OARPG. Or at least the formerly mobile OARPG, as today marks the game’s launch on PC after a successful open beta that started last year.

As one might expect, the PC version of DI features improved textures, resolution scaling options, and some keybind changes, while Blizzard promises hotfixes a-plenty to address issues that pop-up and the ability to highlight, copy, and paste chat text sometime later.

The other marquee attraction for the game this week is the start of the Wild Brawl PvP event, which is effectively DI’s spin on battle royale. Up to four teams of six players will start from level one, get dropped into an expansive Dark Wood map that gets smaller as a match wears on, and try to earn XP and gear enough to be the final team standing. This event will be available until August 23rd.

In addition to the Wild Brawl event, players will be able to enable a modified drop table for their legendary crests that allows them to choose 12 five-star gems until August 23rd, while returning events include All Clans on Deck and Shields of the Hearth. Other patch features include faster class change cooldowns, new Helliquary boss kill rewards, increased immortal rewards, and updates to character stats screens and the Deeds of Valor.

source: official site (1, 2)
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