Destiny 2’s Bungie halts sales to Russia, Gamigo begins Ukraine charity initiative in multiple MMOs

Plus: Into the Echo postpones pre-alpha over war in Ukraine


As Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine continues, the gaming industry is continuing to make its voice heard as it opposes the harm inflicted on the Ukrainian people.

Destiny 2 studio Bungie announced last night that its players had raised $120,000 through its aid organization, as the studio matched those funds and continues to match employee donations as well. Funds are being distributed to two charities: Direct Relief, which provides medical relief, and International Rescue Committee, which supports refugees. The company further announced it is “working with [its] partners to suspend all Destiny 2 sales and commerce in Russia and Belarus” and introducing an in-game emblem to allow players to show their personal support.

Gamigo also announced today an in-game charity initiative in Trove, Fiesta Online, Last Chaos, and Wizard101; players will donate by purchasing items and packs, includung costumes and sunflower minis. “All profits for these special items will be fully donated to a charity that will support those affected by this conflict,” Gamigo says.

Etlok Studios, which is working on MMO Into the Echo, announced that it’s moving its pre-alpha once again “[d]ue to some unforeseen circumstances surrounding the war in Ukraine.” “The safety of our staff comes first, so we appreciate your understanding,” the team wrote on Twitter.

GIbiz has a piece up this week chronicling many of the companies currently blocking sales of their games in Russia and Belarus and detailing just how much of a hit they are taking in order to do so. Companies like Poland-based CD Projekt Red, for example, will take significant revenue losses, while EA has cut even Russia-related in-game items from sale, ensuring it will lose money even from non-Russian players. “Cutting off a $3.4 billion market, regardless of your position in it, is going to have an impact on your bottom line,” GIbiz argues. “So while the cessation of sales could be dismissed as a symbolic gesture, it’s more significant than that in the grander scheme of how these publishers do business.”

Further reading on the game industry’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Source: Bungie, Etlok, GIbiz
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