EVE Online begins its PLEX for Good charitable campaign to help Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis


While the ongoing community kerfuffle over EVE Online’s decision to sell its players a kitted-out mining ship is still something to bear in mind, we also think it’s important to draw similar attention to the game’s charitable plans to help Ukraine, hence why we’re noting the beginning of the PLEX for Good campaign to aid Ukraine’s burgeoning humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion.

For those unfamiliar with the various times this charity drive has helped other global crises, PLEX for Good lets players convert their in-game currency into real world money, which is then donated to charities. The campaign for Ukraine will run between now and Tuesday, March 22nd, so those who are able to turn their digital currency into real-world cash for a good cause will want to read up on the instructions.

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Meanwhile, the newest episode of EVE Pulse is live, outlining updates on the Road to Fanfest, a pending graphical update, increased rewards for using a CRAB, upcoming events, and (regrettable) nods to cash shop sales including the aforementioned mining barge bundle, among other things. The full video is below.

Update, March 17
CCP Games has said it will expand the targets for its charity.

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