EVE Online players raised over $500K to benefit Ukraine in latest PLEX for Good charity drive


CCP Games clearly doesn’t deserve the players of EVE Online, considering the rapid burning of bridges it seems to be attempting with its fans coupled with the fact that this very same playerbase was able to raise over $500K to aid Ukraine in the game’s most recent PLEX for Good charity campaign.

The funds will be shared between the UNHCR UN Refugee Agency and the humanitarian assistance fund being raised by the National Bank of Ukraine. This charity fundraiser marks the highest total amount raised by EVE Capsuleers in the entire history of the PLEX for Good drives.

“The EVE Online community is about fun, adventure and the excitement that can be found in New Eden. But our collective power also means we can do amazing things – and we should never forget what can be achieved. We have the ability – even responsibility – to make a positive difference to people and the planet we share,” the announcement notes.

In other EVE news, players have broken a PvP kill record in lowsec space during the Frigate Frenzy event that happened last month, and CCP has once more summarized recent and upcoming updates in a video, which can be viewed after the cut.

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