Kyiv-based Corepunk studio says it’s lost contact with some staff stuck in Ukraine


Upcoming MMO Corepunk has joined – in fact, had long since joined, unbeknownst to us – the long list of game studios affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Kyiv-based Studio Artificial Core told fans over the weekend that while it’s managed to relocate some of its team to Greece and other European countries, some of its devs are still stuck in Ukraine, and worse, some of them are no longer contactable.

“Part of the team is in western Ukraine, which is relatively safe. Meanwhile, some team members and their families are still in dangerous central Ukraine, with slim prospects of getting out (at least for now). Several team members stayed there voluntarily to help out and protect their fellow Ukrainians. Unfortunately, we lost contact with two team members who are in areas currently under heavy bombardment. There is regular street combat and no cellular coverage in these areas. We are continuing to try to reach them and offer any help we can. Until then, we hope they are OK. Many of us have friends and family traversing dangerous roads to safety and sleeping in bomb shelters. Meanwhile, the news shows us images of the cities we grew up in being gradually demolished with 500 kg bombs as the civilian death toll rises every few hours. In conditions like these, it’s been hard to focus, even for those of us in Athens and Amsterdam. Once you’ve done what you could and some time has passed, though, it seems you can get used to anything: Those of us in safe areas, as much as possible, are gradually returning to previous mode of operations.”

“We’re sorry for staying silent until now. We were in emergency mode, and it was hard to even sit down and write these few lines,” the studio concludes. “Don’t worry about Corepunk. We’re continuing our work, and the game is going to be great. Life is unpredictable, but you give it your all and you carry on.”

It goes without saying our readers will be far more worried about the devs than the game right about now.

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Source: Official site. Cheers, Slava.
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