EA and Microsoft announce end of sales to Russia, Hi-Rez reroutes Russian profits to Ukrainian aid


Three more major games publishers are joining the ever-growing list of names cutting off Russia from the world over its naked war against Ukraine. Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Hi-Rez Studios are now taking up the call to renounce Russia, joining a host of other publishers and developers while the invasion rumbles forth.

A statement from EA confirms that sales of games, content, and currencies will end for Russia and Belarus across the publisher’s official storefronts and other digital vendors. This new sanction is on top of earlier moves by EA that deleted Russian teams from its NHL title and FIFA title.

Microsoft is also cutting ties with Russia, according to an announcement from president and vice chair Brad Smith, ending new game sales and working with US and EU nations to stop “many aspects of [its] business in Russia in compliance with governmental sanctions decisions.” Smith also says the company is working with Ukraine to improve cybersecurity and defend against Russian attacks in cyberspace.

One studio that is not cutting off Russian sales is Hi-Rez; instead, CEO Stewart Chisam announced on Twitter that 100% of the company’s revenues from the country earned in March and April will be donated to UNICEF to help the children of Ukraine, starting with a $50K immediate donation made as a down payment. “Money spent on our games in Russia is spent to help Ukraine,” he writes.

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sources: EA.com and Twitter (1, 2) via Rock Paper Shotgun, Microsoft Blog via GamesIndustry.biz, Twitter. Thanks, BBB!
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