Fortnite’s new season adds Doctor Strange as Epic Games raises millions for Ukraine aid


The third chapter of Fortnite’s second season is getting Strange. As in Doctor Strange, the Marvel superhero. This would be strange in any other game, but considering the crossovers that have already landed in the battle royale shooter, Strange is downright normal. As one perhaps might expect, the Doctor Strange skin is stuffed in the latest battle pass, along with the Prowler and several other character skins and cosmetics from Fortnite’s own fiction.

Other features in this chapter include the ability for players to chip in bars to create an armored battle bus vehicle and attach deadly new turrets to it, along with a new tank to commandeer and several new weapons to find. There’s also some new movement abilities like sprinting for short bursts, faster default movement speeds, and the ability for characters to grab ledges and hoist themselves up.

In tangential news, Epic Games has announced that it will be committing all Fortnite profits from now until Sunday, April 3rd, to humanitarian relief for Ukraine, with Xbox announcing a similar commitment for the console’s version of the game. Players who want to contribute to this effort can simply purchase things like V-Buck packs, Fortnite Crew, gifted battle passes, and cosmetic packs. Thus far, it’s raised $36M.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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