Albion Online tweaks controller functionality, removes Russia-themed guild logos


If you’ve been testing out the new controller options for Albion Online, then today’s update is only going to make your life easier. The seventh update for the Lands Awakened game version rolled out this morning, adding controller options into settings, tweaking multiple inputs, adding a radial context menu, inserting an alternate control and spell control scheme, and overall improving the experience for players who’ve mostly foregone ye olde keyboard.

The patch also adds hotkeys for map pings, sets duel limits at five minutes, and tweaks healing sickness.

Finally, Sandbox Interactive announced that it’s removing two logos from the selection available to guilds on the grounds that they are political: the “Hammer and Sickle” logo has been swapped for just a hammer, and the “Red Army” logo is now a bear. These logos were originally added to the game through a contest held prior to Albion’s launch, but as they overtly reference Russia, which is currently conducting a bloody invasion of Ukraine, they certainly seem even less apropriate for world of Albion now than they did before. SBI says any guilds using those logos can apply to change them, and the guilds responsible for the logos may submit new ones.

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