Fortnite’s profit donation efforts have already raised $50M for Ukrainian aid

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A couple of days ago we reported on some philanthropic efforts on the part of Epic Games, which announced that it’s committing all profits from Fortnite between now and Sunday, April 3rd, to aid in the humanitarian crisis occurring in Ukraine. Those efforts appear to be going extremely well, as Epic has announced that it has already raised $50M US.

For context, that $50M is equal to the funds raised by the entire contry of Australia and was raised in just two days’ time. This also is a jump upwards from the $36M that was raised as of Monday.

We also noted in our original report that Xbox would be matching profits for the Xbox console version of Fortnite. That’s being extended beyond the game as well, as Microsoft is also allowing players to donate Microsoft Points between now and Saturday, April 30th, to UNICEF, with Microsoft matching players’ contributions.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), VG247
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