Embers Adrift explains what’s in its NDA-free backer beta


Just in case you missed it with all of the gaming news as of late, Embers Adrift (formerly Saga of Lucimia) transitioned into a backer beta last week. Included in this new testing phase is the freedom for testers to share any screenshots, videos, or testimonies thanks to the end of the NDA.

If you’re curious about what’s actually in the beta — or simply want a look at how the game is shaping up — there’s a new dev video that outlines what backers will experience in the current build.

The video shows off the character creator, class specializations, customizable abilities, three zones, mob difficulty tiers, discovery points, a full-group dungeon, crafting disciplines, scavenging, and the essential LFG tool. You also get a sense of some actual polish and good design here, which is a pleasant surprise considering the game’s development history.

Source: YouTube
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