Anvil Empires shares pre-alpha gameplay footage of a fort siege and life in a player-built settlement


With the latest weekend pre-alpha test of Anvil Empires now wrapped up, developer Siege Camp has decided to throw some spotlights across a couple of player experiences from the last build, both of which offer previews from a semi-pastoral and a PvP perspective.

The first video that showcases a siege on a fort is as raw as it gets, with a boots-on-the-ground perspective of a regular player. That means there’s minimal editing and no influencer bluster, though it also does include some of the chaos (and NSFW nature) that one might expect out of a game with wide open VOIP. That said, it does offer a preview of how larger scale PvP is working right now, as one side lobs an absurd number of fire grenades at the structure to knock down the gate, then lines up to engage in a full charge.

The second video is a bit more nuanced in its presentation, as it offers some time lapse and real-time footage of several days inside of a player settlement as it evolves into a large town, with looks at building, farming, and caravan running, though there are portions where players are defending both their town and a cart full of goods. In both cases, you can see where things stand with this large-scale persistent war title below the break.

source: YouTube (1, 2)
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