Pantheon Rise of the Fallen admits recent pre-alpha MMORPG testing brought ‘a plethora of glorious data’


It’s often important to be gracious in victory or humble that your knowledge and advice was correct despite it falling upon deaf ears. That might be hard for MMORPG fans to do in the case of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, as a recap post of the latest pre-alpha round – the one that tested the MMORPG and not an extraction side game – ended up being a successful one in terms of testing data, which flies directly counter to Visionary Realms’ earlier insistence that 247 would provide faster feedback for the studio.

The pre-alpha round, which also included alpha backers (after an 11th hour delay), saw total playtime reach seven years, 269 days, 16 hours, two minutes, and eight seconds across all accounts, with average playtimes over 26 hours. Most importantly, Visionary Realms admits that the test brought “a plethora of glorious data,” while it was also delighted to learn that most players wound up grouping together and enjoying their playtime as a result.

More alpha pledge test sessions are planned for the future, so those who bought in to Pantheon’s promise at that tier are invited to watch the game’s site and Discord for more details. Until then, let us all bask in the knowledge that we told them so.

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