BitCraft dates its next pre-alpha for March 31, promising to add ‘several thousand’ new testers


The pre-alpha testing progress of BitCraft is pushing forward, with the developers noting in last month’s address that “several thousand” players would be considered for the next round (out of 752,000 registrants). This month Clockwork Labs has reiterated that promise, though there are some additional details shared that might brighten hopeful testers’ eyes.

First, the post notes that the game’s ninth pre-alpha is going to require “bias-free first impressions” of some of the game’s biggest updates, which means that the next invite wave will bring in only entirely new players to the new build. In other words, those who have signed up on the game’s website are going to be part of the draw. Additionally, this pre-alpha has been scheduled to run between March 31st and April 2nd.

As for those aforementioned bigger updates, those include revamped and smoothed content discovery features, improved tech that allows for increased point of interest density and non-instanced locations, and revisions for older content to refresh things like older models and mechanics. The devs are also working on UI improvements, bringing a new full-time animator into the fold, and making cosmetic gear separate from stat-improving gear.

For those who haven’t been following along, BitCraft is a free-to-play procedurally generated MMORPG that is flush with investor cash, will not be associated with a blockchain despite the game’s title, and is promising monetization that is agasint pay-to-win.

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