World of Warships goes rubber ducky crazy once again for its annual April Fools’ event


Rubber ducky, you’re the one. You make naval fights so much fun. That’s right, rubber duck fights are back again in World of Warships’ latest patch, which reintroduces the Trouble in the Hot Tub event for April Fools’ Day. And a very cool cat, as you can see in the header.

For those who are unfamiliar, this event lets players command their choice of rubber duck versions of cruisers, destroyers, and battleships in a 9v9 domination mode match. Each floaty toy sports unique weapons like fizzy torpedoes, armor-piercing bubbles, and new splashy mines, while battles take place on an updated map. And if that isn’t enough ducky goodness for you, the naval battler is also holding hands with the chilled out title Placid Plastic Duck Simulator for a collaborative DLC available between March 23rd and April 14th.

Rubber ducks fighting in a hot tub would probably be enough content, but luckily there’s more in the latest patch, such as new US hybrid battleships, a new ranked battles season, and ongoing early access for British submarines. Speaking of early access, pan-American cruisers will be coming to early access on March 30th.

Lastly, the game will be marking two years on the Epic Games Store on March 23rd with a four week-long achievement hunting event for EGS players that awards up to $20 sent to PayPal accounts.

sources: press release, official site
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