Bitcraft explains its philosophy of skills and progression in a new development diary

Touch wood.

As you have probably gathered from what’s been mentioned about Bitcraft before now, the game is not meant to be an experience wherein you go into dungeons and smack things until they give you shiny stuff. The latest development diary about the game notes that this is a fun, valid sort of game to design and one that can be rewarding; it’s just not the way that Bitcraft is meant to be played. In fact, the primary vector for displaying your level of skill in the game is meant to be the skill you choose to highlight, so it’s up to you if the focus is on your level of carpentry, or blacksmithing, or fishing, or so on.

The diary explains that while there’s a wide breadth of skills available to players, they’re designed with an idea of having progression be the game instead of having a distinct “endgame” split that’s the only part that matters, with players encouraged to focus in on a couple of skills from a wide pool rather than trying to master everything. This creates dependencies between players with a wide variety of different skills and needs. Check out the full entry for more of a glimpse into how the game will play based on the design goals.

Source: Medium
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