BitCraft’s pre-alpha test of progression and cooperation systems runs through May 31


The 10th pre-alpha test session for BitCraft that developer Clockwork Labs has been promising for some time now has finally gotten its timetable: The next test round is scheduled to run for an entire week between yesterday and May 31st.

The focus for this week-long test will basically be about progression over a longer period of time; progress will start off as a solo endeavor until eventually it will require multiple players working together in cooperation to move forward on things like ambitious construction projects.

The devs will randomly select a “considerable” number of new testers who have signed up on the game’s website, as well as invite previous pre-alpha testers and run a first-come, first-served invite event on the game’s Discord.

Readers will recall that BitCraft is a procedurally generated sandbox MMORPG with all the sandbox trappings – and heaps of investor funding.

source: Medium
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